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for socially involved people

Affordable living with a social character and privacy

Portugal Comfort Living’s residential projects are suitable for people of all ages. A combination of ages inspires people to learn from each other. There is a clear development that people continue to live independently as they get older, but also have a need for social contact with like-minded people of all ages.

The ‘Sharing & Caring’ concept is unique within the residential projects from Comfort Living Portugal, with homes for permanent or semi-permanent residence.

A better home and a better life closer to nature is the ultimate goal of Jack Bastiaansen, founder and owner of Portugal Comfort Living.

SINCE 2017

In 2017, Jack Bastiaansen from Portugal Comfort Living bought his first piece of land (a hilly area of approximately one hectare) to make his dream come true…

The construction of its first small-scale residential project where residents know each other, undertake activities together and offer help if necessary.

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Small-scale private project • with ‘Sharing and Caring’ in mind is sold out!

  • Development: Portugal Comfort Living
  • Construction: SenseTec

In this first residential project in Portugal, Comfort Living has consciously chosen to build spacious homes with very good insulation and a lot of privacy.

“We see that interest in living in Portugal permanently or semi-permanently is increasing. Instead of going on vacation for just a few weeks, people are planning to stay for a longer period of time. But wintering at large holiday complexes – where there is often little to do during the winter period – only increases the feeling of loneliness,” says Jack Bastiaansen, owner of Portugal Comfort Living.

Precisely to prevent this, Portugal Comfort Living’s projects are smaller in design, but with larger homes. Even when you compare the houses with holiday parks for rental properties in Northern Europe, you will see that the number of m² of surface area is often larger at the Portugal Comfort Living Houses.


High Solid Eco Bouwen • with nature in mind

  • Development: Portugal Comfort Living
  • Construction: SenseTec
  • Design: BuildARQ

The “Nature Houses” project is a small-scale project with 7 detached bungalows located on very spacious natural plots of private land near Canedo de Basto in Northern Portugal. Surrounded by nature reserves, the Támega River with swimming and kayaking options nearby and a beautiful golf course just half an hour’s drive away in Amarante.

All nature houses have their own swimming pool and on the largest plots you can opt for a complete guesthouse (including your own kitchen and bathroom!) located next to the main house or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in the main house.

There is a large plot for communal use, for example as a vegetable garden. This plot will also have a solar panel park for environmentally friendly electricity.

High solid eco building
A unique building system with optimally insulated concrete floor and roof construction, High Solid Eco wall construction with A+ insulation, luxurious locally produced cork finish and Thermowood on the outside and aluminum frames with A+ insulating glass.



Convinced yet?

  • Comfort Bungalows and Nature Houses with A+ and A++ quality.
  • All prices include 23% VAT. Only then is a 5-year warranty possible.
  • Self-sufficient living with a social character and privacy.
  • We work without overhead, so your purchase price is extra competitive.